Agricultural Business Management Curriculum Emphasizes the Use of Concepts and Methods

The Agricultural Business Management major is offered jointly by COA and the Carlson School of Management. The Agricultural Business Management curriculum emphasizes the use of concepts and methods from economics and
business management in the identification, analysis, and solution of management problems related to food, agriculture, natural resources, and economic development.


The Program Provides a balance Between Agricultural

The program provides a balance between agricultural and applied economics and business administration studies, with a limited amount of agricultural science. Students may elect a variety of courses in their junior and senior years to accommodate special interests and career goals.

Graduates of this curriculum are prepared for a wide range of employment opportunities in agribusiness. Examples of employment areas include commodity trading and analysis, finance, management, marketing, sales management, administration, public and industrial relations, production management, economic and statistical analysis, managerial accounting, and transportation analysis.

Students completing this program may also pursue graduate studies in preparation for research, teaching, or continuing education positions in academic institutions, government agencies, and industry.

Admission to the Major Students are admitted to the major after satisfactory completion of a Pre- Agricultural Business Management program. Admission standards are developed in conjunction with the Carlson School of Management. Application deadlines are June 15 for fall quarter, October 15 for winter quarter, and January 15 for springquarter.

To be considered for admission to theAgricultural Business Management major you must meet the following requirements:
1) Complete or have in progress coursework to total 85 credits by the time of admission.
2) Complete the following management “tool” courses on an A-F grading basis by the time you enter the program:

Acct 1050 or AgEe 1250
AgEe 1101, 1102 or Econ 1101, 1102
IDSc 1010 and OMS 1020
Math 1142 or 1251

3) Earn a minimum GPA of 2.80 in all course work.
4) Earn a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the tool courses and at least a C in each course.

COA students planning to major in Agricultural Business Management

COA students planning to major in Agricultural Business Management who have not completed the Pre-agricultural Business Management program are assigned a faculty adviser but retain a pre-major status until they are accepted into the program.

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Additional information about admission to the program and application materials can be obtained from the major coordinator for the Agricultural Business Management program in 316 Classroom Office Building, or from the
College Office, 277 Coffey Hall.

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