Foundation and Major Requirements Agricultural Business Management

Agricultural Business Management students must complete the requirements listed below. Consult with your adviser to determine a suitable sequence for completing the required courses.

Course substitutions in the professional requirements can be made only with the approval of your adviser and the Agricultural Business Management Major Coordinator.

Liberal Education Diversified Core and Designated Themes (40 credits)-See the Liberal Education statement on page 8 and information at the beginning of this section.

Foundation Requirements


Rhet 1101-Writing to Inform and Persuade (4)
Rhet 1104-Library Research Methods ( 1)
Rhet 1151-Writing in Your Major (4)
Rhet 1222-Public Speaking (4)
Rhet 3562-Writing in Your Profession (4)

Mathematics and Science
Bioi 1009-General Biology (5)
Cham 1001 -General Principles of Chemistry (4)
or Chern 1051 Chemical Principles (4)
Math 1142-Short Calculus (5)
or Math 1251 -One-Variable Differential and Integral Calculus (4)

Plus one from the following:
BioC 1401-Eiementary Biochemistry (4)
Bioi 11 03-General Botany (5)
Bioi 1106-General Zoology (5)
Chern 1 002-Elementary Organic Chemistry (4)

Professional Requirements

From the College of Agriculture

AgEe 1000-0rientation to Agricultural and Applied Economics (1)
AgEe 1101 • -Principles of Microeconomics (4)
AgEe 1102*-Principles of Macroeconomics (4)
AgEe 3001-Applied Microeconomics: Consumers and Markets (4)
AgEe 3002-Applied Microeconomics: Managerial Economics (4)
AgEe 3006-Applied Macroeconomics: Government (4)
AgEe 3007-Applied Macroeconomics: Policy (4)
AgEe 3240-Strategic Management of Farms and Agribusinesses(4)
AgEe 3260-0perations Management of Farms and Agribusinesses(4)
AgEe 3400-Markets, Marketing and Prices (4)
AgEe 3500-Agribusiness Finance (4)

Plus two elective courses in agricultural economics (an internship or special project is encouraged). An additional 16 credits is required in agricultural science. At least one course must be 3xxx or 5xxx. Courses in agricultural education, fisheries and wildlife, landscape architecture, rhetoric or physical and biological sciences may not be used to meet this requirement. In agricultural engineering, only AgET 3603 and AgET 5400 may be used.


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