Help Cure Lung Cancer With Carrots Juice

Help Cure Lung Cancer With Carrots Juice. All of you may know carrots Juice very well. It has bright colour and a lot nutrients surely. It is famed for its vitamin A. Indeed, it is rich of nutrients like beta-caroten, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants. Good source of your health needed. 100 grams of it contain :


Nutrients Amount
Calories 41
Water 88%
Protein 0.99 g
Carbs 9.6 g
Fiber 2.8 g
Sugar 4.7 g
Fat 0.2 g
Saturated 0.04 g
Monosaturated 0.01 g
Polysaturated 0.12 g
Omega – 6 0.12 g


Look that table of carrot nutrients. Carrots are fabulous veggie. This is good for your health even your skin and hair. Moreover, consume it regularly could prevent the risk of cancer. This is not only occur on rats research, but real life experience. Without question, it will convince you since its amaze nutrients.


Many plant compounds contained in carrots. It renowned for its antioxidant, yes it is carotenoids. Carotenoids have been linked to boost immune function and lower risk of diseases. Other than that, here are main plant compounds that contained in carrots :

  • Beta – carotene, carrots has very high beta – carotene. Indeed, it’s better when they are cooked.
  • Alpha – carotene, it is one of antioxidants that alter to vitamin A.
  • Lutein, it is also most common antioxidant in carrots. It is important for eye health.
  • Lycopene, because of it carrots have bright color. It also could lower risk cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • Polyacetylenes, it has role to be bioactive compounds that help shielded from leukemia and cancer cell based on recent research.
  • Anthocyanins, this is also powerful antioxidants.

Carrots juice for help cure cancer

We told you that carrot have many antioxidants. You always found it in carrots, and it’s impossible if you not found it. The most important is It has anti cancerous properties.  Here are various types of cancer that may you against with carrots juice :

  1. Lung cancer

There are research that smokers have carrots in their diet can lower risk (up to 33%) of lung cancer than non-carrot eaters.

  1. Colon cancer

Japanese research told that consume carrots juice may secure people from colon cancer. How it could be? Surely, because of its beta carotene.

  1. Leukemia

Research in 2011 found that carrots juice has potential to destroy cancer cells and prevent metastasis.

  1. Prostate cancer

    Research in Harvard school found that a men who consume carrots juice regularly were shielded from prostate cancer. Thanks to beta carotene.

These superpower veggie also has other benefits for our health. Not only prevent cancer, it also cure :

  1. Lower blood cholesterol
  2. Weight loss
  3. Eyes health

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma, and Thymoma

Diagnosis and Staging Evaluation of Lung Cancer

Intraoperative Staging Lung Cancer

Carrots Juice have high fiber and antioxidants. In fact, these compounds help scavenge free radicals so that they won’t be oxidize the cells. That are carrots juice benefits that really help you to care your health, even shielded from cancer. If you want to get its benefits, start to drink carrots juice daily.  Make it and reap the anti-cancerous from carrots juice. Try it immediately.

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