Price List of Swallow Nest and Sriti 2018

Price List of Swallow Nest and Sriti 2018. Businessmen of swallow nest definitely understand plenty concerning the market value of swallow nests, we have a tendency to re-feed as a result of many purchasers raise questions about costs and positively the advantages for these sorts of businesses.

The value below isn’t absolutely the value of the swallow nest that could be a definite price reference. In several factors the quality assessment of the standard of swallow nest or sriti itself determines however high the particular value worth of swallow or sriti.

Price of swallow nests of fresh white buildings / homes.
1. Bowl Rp. 6.9 Million / metric weight unit.
2. Angle of Rp. 5.9 Million / metric weight unit.
3. Fault Rp. 4.9 Million / metric weight unit.
4. Mix Rp. 3.3 Million / metric weight unit.

Swallow Nest Cave
1. Bowl Rp. 3.5 Million / metric weight unit.
2. Fault Rp. 2.5 Million / metric weight unit.

Sriti bird house / cave
Nest material is created of:
1. Pine Rp. 850,000 / Kg
2. Moss Rp. 450,000 / Kg
3. Seaweed Rp. 550,000 / Kg.
4. Rp. Rp. 750,000 / Kg.
5. a combination of Rp. 650,000 / Kg.

Swallow nest value info will be higher and even less, counting on the standard of the nest. costs square measure updated with a amount of three months.

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